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Rent a mobile refrigeration unit from True Value Rental of Tampa! Unit must be plugged in to a power source in order to cool.

Rent from $153.45


Non-insulated heater proofer cabinet is ideal for all your food holding and proofing needs. Constructed of non-corrosive aluminum throughout the cabinet that allows you to hold prepared foods at proper serving temperatures for extended periods of time.  The air baffle and circulating air blower provide even heat distribution throughout the cabinet.  A removable control drawer with LED thermostat gives you complete control over the operating temperature and humidity range and doesn’t require opening the door to use.  

Rent from $115.10


Durable, heavy-duty containers for a variety of uses. Built-in handles allow easy, non-slip lifting and anti-jam nesting. Strong, snap-on lids are available for secure, stable stacking.

Rent from $10.74


• Cateraide™ quality construction
• Insulated to maintain correct serving temperatures
• Individual track for each food pan
• PC600N has twice the capacity ten 2.5" deep pans
• PC600N's separate compartments enable you to put hot food in one; cold in the other (see below for food pan combinations)
• Keeps food hot / cold for 4 - 6 hours
• Included 4 non-marking casters; 2 swivel ( 1 non-locking and 1 locking

Rent from $75.32


Pan racks are perfect for storing a variety of goods throughout the cooking and preparation process, including cookies, pastries, breads and more.

Sheet pans not included. Sheet pans rented separately.

Rent from $31.39