Determining the Size of Your Tent

Determining the Size of Your Tent

Trying to figure out what size tent you'll need for your next wedding or event may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, the rental industry has developed standard formulas to help make this job easier.

A few things to consider before doing the math are:

  • What type of event is it? For weddings, will ceremony or row seating be required?
  • What is the maximum number of guests that could be present at the same time?
  • Weather is a big factor. If it begins to rain, everybody will want to be under cover & dry.
  • Is there going to be a bar or beverage station?
  • How will the food be served or eaten? The shapes and sizes of buffet and dining tables must be considered.

The standard formulas for determining square footage are:

  • Dance floor - 5 square ft per person (not everyone will dance, so allow for half of the guests).
  • Bar area - 100 square ft.
  • Buffet/beverage station - 100 square ft. for every 50 people.
  • Seated dinner 8' Banquet Tables - 10 square ft. per person.
  • Seated dinner 5' Round Tables - 12 square ft. per person.
  • Band area - 10 square ft. per person
  • DJ area - 100 square ft.
  • Ceremony/Row style seating - 7 square ft. per person.

These formulas will help to give a clearer picture of the size and layout of what you will need, as well as the impact on your event's budget.