Planning For Your Fall Wedding

Planning For Your Fall Wedding

While fall weddings are not as conventional as spring or summer weddings, they can still have the beauty of those earlier months. Using the elements of season is what will truly make your wedding a celebration you will remember:

Your gown is obviously your choice but you may decide that because of the potentially colder weather longer sleeves or a cape may be beneficial. To match the surroundings, shades of red, orange or green are all excellent choices for bridesmaids’ dresses.

Places with lots of fall foliage such as large backyards, country clubs, local parks, etc. all make exceptional places to have your wedding. However, you will want to keep your guests from getting chilly so remember to always keep your eyes on the weather to let your guests know what lies ahead on your special day. Places that would allow a fire pit are also nice because it adds atmosphere as well as keeping your guests warmer.

One of the most important considerations for your wedding is the decorations that you will use. Items such as tablecloths, placeholders, and napkins will look fantastic if they have an autumn shade. Also consider using items like small pumpkins to decorate the space or even as a table centerpiece.

We wish you the best of luck on your special day and remember, stay warm!