A Word on Thankfulness

A Word on Thankfulness

Thankfulness is defined as “an awareness and appreciation of a benefit; being expressive of thanks”. As Americans, we have come to know one common truth this time of year: No matter what our station in life is, we have something to be thankful for. Even during the recent hardships wrought by Hurricane Sandy, this was shown as families and communities pulled together to help each other. News stories were full of Americans giving selflessly to others at their time of need - and a true expression of thankfulness by those who were helped.

As Americans, we’re thankful for the soldiers past and present that keep our country safe, as they’re thankful for the support we show them. We’re also thankful for the freedom to elect our leaders as well as the freedom to express either our joy or dismay on the outcome (during this month, you shouldn’t have to walk far to hear someone expressing that particular freedom).

As parents and children, we’re thankful for our families and friends. How they’re always there for us. How they help us through our problems, laugh with us and how they are there to fill our lives with memorable moments.

As a business, we’re thankful for this wonderful community that we’re so proud to be a part of. We are both aware and appreciative of such a benefit and are thankful for the opportunity to continue to provide our customers with the excellent service and knowledgeable, friendly staff that they have come to expect.